Unlock the value of your land with Solar Energy

Upcree is designed to make solar utility parks understandable and accessible to decision-makers. Whether you’re a landowner or a developer looking to diversify your income, Upcree simplifies the complex world of solar energy, helping you make informed decisions.

Discover the Upcree advantage

Upcree calculates the ideal solar park for your site by leveraging the power of AI-backed design automation.


Simplified Yield Analysis

Compare the potential yield of a solar park versus traditional farming. Understand the financial implications with easy-to-read projections.

Lease & Contract Guidance

Navigate contracts with ease. Know what to expect and how to negotiate terms that benefit you.

Zillow for Solar Parks

Understand the valuation of your land for solar energy production. Know what price per acre is a good deal or not, and uncover potential energy prices in your area.


Higher Rent Potential: Solar parks often offer higher rent than traditional farming—understand how much more you could be earning.

Risk Mitigation: We help you understand long-term leases’ risks and hidden costs.

Community Impact: Be a part of the renewable energy boom in your community. Upcree provides localized data to help you understand the bigger picture.

Design Automation: Using AI-powered algorithms, quickly get your site’s ideal solar park design.

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